Felipe Pavani

I'm Pavani.

I am a Designer that combines photography, image manipulation, CGI and graphic design to create images and identities for brands that want to become memorable, recognizable and differentiated. I am restless by nature, I seek excellence and the blood of artisans runs in my veins. I consider myself a born creative.

Strategy at the core of the work.

During my career I had the opportunity to work with big brands that demanded a deeper and more detailed knowledge of the business world. And that's exactly why I believe that creative work, without a clear objective behind it, will not change the game.

What do I stand for?

Solve business problems.

Every creative person must have as a fundamental basis the understanding of their client's business and deliver durable solutions.

Fewer customers, more quality.

Participating in a creative project is, above all, delivering a personalized solution. The more focus, the better.

Design as a transformation tool.

God is a Designer. We have the power to make significant changes and transform the game.

Branding is not for everyone.

Branding is a long process that not all companies need because they are not yet ready.

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Dulce Figueiredo Dulce Figueiredo

"Felipe did an excellent job creating my logo. I recommend his work because during the interview process he was careful, detailed, sensitive and extremely professional.
The result clearly expresses the essence of my work."

Maurício Alcides Maurício Alcides

"I have followed Pavani's work for years, and I chose to choose him to create my company's branding, giving him total creative freedom in the project. What I can say is that the experience exceeded all expectations. Today, the basis used in Madre Vida are the foundations of the visual identity of my other companies."

Marco Túlio Ribeiro Marco Túlio Ribeiro

"I worked and will continue to work with Felipe Pavani for his commitment to excellence and attention to detail. He is a professional in constant growth, in addition to having the ambition to always be better at what he does."