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Gain tactical and strategic knowledge for your business or career in the creative area with those who have walked the hard path.

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An consultant is one of the most valuable investments you can make. As part of my mission to help creative professionals improve their businesses, work on their creativity and grow in their careers, I am available to help you overcome the obstacles that prevent your growth.

Why do you need this?

If you've done any consulting before, you probably got a lot of value out of that experience. On the other hand, if you are feeling stuck, stagnant, or not getting the results you expect, then this is the ideal time. When you work with a consultant, you give yourself the gift of objectivity. You will be taking time with yourself to work on the major issues you face that would otherwise prevent you from growing. Learn from the mistakes I've made and move forward faster.

Felipe Pavani

I'm a designer who combines graphic design, image manipulation, photography and CGI to create images and identities for brands that want to differentiate themselves in the market.

My journey is long. I already have 12 years (and going up) working in the creative area for clients such as O Novo Mercado, Insigne Filmes, Avenue Securities, Thiago Nigro, Estratégia Concursos, Big Lar Supermercados, Pantanal Shopping, Mix & Match, either in partnership with advertising agencies or through my office Pavani Estúdio Criativo.

My name became known through the creation and management of the brand O Novo Mercado, by my dear friend Ícaro de Carvalho, who very generously spread my name to the four winds.

I also have my own design school called Paladino, where I teach what I've learned over the years and provide students with experiences relevant to career development, creative direction, design theory and practice, and art direction.

What to expect




Each person will have a different need. However, the essential thing will be that you provide some basic information so that I can guide you. You will then receive your proposal by email so that we can follow up.




Our consultancy will take place over the internet, through the Zoom platform. There you will have the chance to give as much context as possible about your situation and receive the necessary guidance.




As soon as we finish our consultancy, it's time for you to get your hands dirty. I will pass on my recommendations and tasks for you to fulfill your duty. Not to mention that you will also have access to the recording so you can watch it whenever you want.